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Doing exercise with STN app, a chance to earn up to 14,400.00 USDT

The campaign "Race to the top score" has officially kicked off

Posted on October 17 2022 By admin

The campaign "Race to the top score" has officially kicked off



* Prize mechanism: 1,000.00 USDT/ week
1st Prize: 150 USDT
2nd Prize: 100 USDT
3rd Prize: 50 USDT
70 consolation prizes: 10 USDT/  user


* Requirements: to receive the prize, the top players need:

+ Reached the minimum of  1550 health points

+ Did KYC

+ Referred at least 3 successful KYC friends that week

How to increase many health points?

1️⃣Doing basic exercise 40s: 150 points
2️⃣Doing Cardio exercise for 3 minutes: 300 points
3️⃣Running: 150 points
4️⃣Walking: 100 points
5️⃣Daily check-in on the app: 160 points/week
6️⃣Share your exercise results on social media: 20  points/share
7️⃣The user referred by you do the exercise, you will get:
+ F1: 15 points for direct referred 
+ F2: 10 points for indirect referred


In the future, the STN team will issue more different NFT levels such as iron, bronze, silver, gold, and diamond... The bonus points will also be increased significantly.