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Bybit Launches New Crypto Wallet: Unleash the Full Potential of Web3 and Metaverse

Bybit Launches New Crypto Wallet

Posted on November 02 2022 By admin

Bybit, the world's third most visited cryptocurrency exchange has launched Bybit Wallet – an exclusive crypto wallet to prepare for the next internet wave: Web3.


Bybit has always emphasized that cryptocurrency wallets will be the tools and keys to unlocking the unlimited potential of Web3. 

The Bybit Wallet is now available on mobile devices and on the web and has been developed with all the rigor and security of Bybit's leading cutting-edge technology.


Bybit Wallet is a custodial wallet that allows users to send, store and receive crypto assets from the decentralized world of DeFi, GameFi and NFT.

 The wallet holds crypto assets securely and secures users' private keys using Bybit's proprietary storage system. 

It also eases the individual's responsibility for private key management, providing convenience and peace of mind, especially for those new to Web3.

The introduction of the Bybit Wallet also highlights how crypto wallets are evolving away from a traditional store of value. As Web3 evolves, wallets will play an even more important role: as keys and passports to unleash the full imagination and potential of Web 3.0 and its crypto economy.


Co-founder Ben Zhou said, "Bybit believes in relentless innovation. So we spent time developing Bybit Wallet to ensure it is a universal gateway for crypto users and lovers to immerse themselves in all that Web3 has to offer”. 

The founder and CEO of Bybit shared. “The Bybit Wallet is the epitome of everything Bybit stands for: an intuitive, secure and convenient way for new and seasoned users to explore Web3 and gain financial freedom – all from Bybit's comfort and safety.


Stretch To Earn has also developed their own wallet on the STN app - where players can easily deposit, withdraw, and transfer tokens flexibly, quickly, and safely.